[NEW MUSIC] Love & Happiness

"Back when backpacking was more than just a tactic."

Run DMC. Big Daddy Kane. Wu-Tang Clan. NWA. The many forefathers of rap came up in a time when all it took to get a crowd moving was a few drum sounds and a maybe sample or two. What they birthed was the purest form of Hip Hop. "Love and Happiness" is an ode to this era, a time where artists tapped into the versatility of words, writing rhymes that not only documented their surroundings, but were often carefree and braggadocios. The underground shows and cyphers constituted arenas where names were made and reputations were built, where careers were won and lost. It wasn't about the catchiest hook or the craziest persona—none of that mattered if you couldn’t go bar for bar.

Over production from FORTY7 and an Al Green sample, we capture the essence of that time while imprinting our modern style onto it. This song is not about being stuck in the past, but paying homage to the greats as we embrace the evolution of the genre we love. We couldn't be here without the legends, but it's our turn to take the torch.

This is Hip Hop.  Enjoy and download for free, and don't forget to share!

Justin Martin