[NEW MUSIC] The Outerbelt (feat. Matt Tweed)

If you're from the Greater Columbus Area, then you have spent time on Interstate 270, the massive loop freeway that most call "The Outerbelt." Whether you're headed downtown or out to the suburbs, there is no escaping that stretch of cement, and many hours have been spent cruising along with nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

As a song, however, "The Outerbelt" isn't about a particular freeway. It instead serves to capture the simple feeling of freedom and openness that comes with having nothing more than a car and a beautiful day. Musically inspired by early West Coast hip hop, the FORTY7-produced instrumental provides a bouncy, yet wavy soundscape accented by soft kicks and crisp snares. We deliver our smoothest flows yet, and Matt Tweed brings it all together on the hook. This track is as good for vibing out with your people as it is for turning the volume knob of your car's system past 10.

So give it a listen. And remember: everything's all right.

Justin MartinComment