"Control" Update! Radio play, streams + more

What's up fam? Dropping in to give a quick update on some of the waves "Control" has made since we dropped it! First of all, we were tapped by the new, Holland-based music streaming site Souned to be the one of the first American artists (and the first artists in Ohio, period) to post their music! They have a lot of European traffic, and have since played "Control" over 1,200 times! Taking that with the SoundCloud and Spotify plays, the track has been streamed well over 2,000 times! That's huge for us, and we thank all of you for the support!

In addition to that, "Control" has still been making rounds in the college radio circuit and has since been picked up by stations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and most recently by KCR College Radio in San Diego, California! We don't plan on stopping there, so keep checking back for more updates! Want our music played in your area? Shoot us an email with information on your closest station!


Justin Martin