The name "Partners in Irony" is defined by the rappers who comprise it, Zachary Nickels and Justin Martin. Nickels' larger-than-life personality is complemented by Martin's calm and stoic demeanor. The two cite influences ranging from Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco to OutKast, and their music is a reflection of the alternative side to hip-hop that tries to answer the "what" and "why" of life's questions. Their demonstration of skill, versatility and lyrical dexterity is refreshing, setting them apart from their local contemporaries. Partners in Irony aims to create music that is not only lyrically proficient from the view of hip-hop purists, but music that also accurately captures the myriad, nuanced feelings that come with being human. This results in a diverse catalog comprised of "straight bars" as well as beautiful soundscapes that can be felt as well as they are heard.

        Since 2012, Partners in Irony has performed over 40 shows in the Central and Northern Ohio regions; an opening set for the Ying Yang Twins as well as a closing performance for a pre-show during Kent State's Kendrick Lamar-headlined Flash Fest event being notable appearances.

Photo taken by Andre "Kyoungnom" Forrest, 2015